The Edmonds Lacrosse Club provides high school and youth lacrosse for girls residing in or attending Edmonds School District schools. We love this game! Teams include Edmonds-Woodway Warriors JV and U15 Edmonds Warriors

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The official high school and youth feeder lacrosse program in the Edmonds School District.

The Edmonds Lacrosse Club was founded in 2011 by a group of parents who wanted to build a lacrosse program based on values of leadership, community, and integrity.  All members of this program strive to establish and uphold this tradition through hard work, professionalism, and dedication. By wearing the Edmonds Lacrosse Club name, we bear a great responsibility to the people of Edmonds.  In addition to representing a favorite destination on Puget Sound, we have a unique opportunity to strengthen the community through active participation and service. In giving of ourselves, we can enrich lives around us and give back to a community eager to support the positive growth of youth. 

The Edmonds Lacrosse Club is also defined by its original mascot, the CHIEF, which stands for Courage, Honor, Integrity, Enthusiasm, and Family. 

  • Courage:  We believe in developing players who have the strength to face their own battles and fears, on and off the field.   We promote individuals who are willing to challenge themselves and each other to constantly improve and grow.
  • Honor:  We believe in sportsmanship based on respect for the game and for each other.  Excellence is regarded anywhere it is observed.  It is a privilege and an honor to play against a superior opponent.
  • Integrity:  We believe in open, honest leadership based on strong ethical character and the wisdom of experience.  We expect each member to be the best they can be regardless of audience.  We hold players, coaches, and parents to an agreed Code of Conduct.  We hold ourselves responsible and accountable for our thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  • Enthusiasm:  We believe lacrosse is a fun sport by its nature.  Players, coaches, parents and volunteers are integral to a successful program; everyone has a place and great value in the program.  The synergy of enthusiasm inherent to our team is compounded when everyone participates with excitement.
  • Family:  We believe in relationships which are grounded in honesty, trust, and respect.  Through the bonds we create, we will hold ourselves, our teammates, and our community in the highest regard.  We value each family which comes to this program and promote the solid brotherhood among players, a unity unique to lacrosse.

In 2013, the club board decided to form a feeder program of youth lacrosse teams in the same footprint of the Edmonds School District. The Edmonds Lacrosse Club began offering lacrosse for boys and girls up to the 8th grade in addition to the high school boys team, and partnered with the Edmonds Boys and Girls Club in order to grow the sport in the region. 

In 2014, the club was granted membership in the Washington Schoolgirls Lacrosse Association and formed girls lacrosse teams at both the youth and high school levels. The Edmonds Girls Lacrosse team now draws players from all four high schools in the district, as well as surrounding areas.  

In 2017, the Edmonds Lacrosse Club has become an all-girls lacrosse club, as the boys teams have transitioned to the Edmonds Eagles. We are delighted to direct our focus the the elegant game of women's lacrosse.